Vertical Performance at Mind The Gap Nights

Online casinos österreich will present a new collaboration on 24 January in which video images are generated from sound output of the mixing board, in an entirely analogue transfer from sound to image.

The performance is part of the Mind The Gap Nights at WORM, a collaboration by IFFR and Gonzo (Circus) magazine that presents innovative, experimental and adventurous audiovisual culture. Taking place from 23–26 January 2014, the late-night programme features Keith Rowe, Kaboom Karavan, COH & FRANK, The Durian Brothers, Stephan Mathieu, Vladislav Delay, Jonathan Reus, Circle, and many more. The full line-up can be found here:


Vertical Performance

24 January 2014, from 22:15
WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
Purchase your ticket via IFFR.