Vertical Cinema at Sonic Acts Festival 2017

The opening night of Sonic Acts Festival 2017 at Paradiso features four new 35mm Vertical Cinema films by Susan Schuppli, Karl Lemieux & BJ Nilsen, HC Gilje, and Lukas Marxt, all presented with a custom-built projector in vertical cinemascope. Joost Rekveld introduces the programme. Susan Schuppli’s Atmospheric Feedback Loops shows the complex feedback processes of climate change; Karl Lemieux & BJ Nilsen explore desolate, empty urban landscapes in their film Yujiapu. HC Gilje’s rift transforms flickering petrochemical textures and deep-time crude oil into colourful plastics. Finally, Lukas Marxt’s film contemplates the impressive heavy industry of Murmansk. Two films from the previous commissioning round — Chrome (Esher Urlus) and Colterrain (Tina Frank) — will remind us that four years have passed from the premiere of the Vertical Cinema project.


For more information about the programme visit the festival website.