Vertical Cinema Lecture ‘Up and Down the Shaft of Time’ by Erkki Huhtamo on 23 Jan


On Thursday 23 January, the day before the screening of Vertical Cinema, UCLA- professor Erkki Huhtamo will prelude the programme with the lecture “Up and Down the Shaft of Time: An Archeology of Verticality”. He will elaborate on verticality as a cultural phenomenon.


Traditional cultural forms have normally emphasised horizontality. Verticality on the other hand, closely linked with urban and industrial developments, has become ever more important. This lecture presents a tentative archaeology of verticality, excavating its manifestations within technological and mediatized realms.


Erkki Huhtamo: ‘Up and Down the Shaft of Time’

23 January 2014, 19.00 hrs


Otto Reuchlinweg 669, Rotterdam

More practical information will follow soon.


About Erkki Huhtamo

Professor Erkki Huhtamo holds a PhD in Cultural History. He is a media archaeologist, author, and exhibition curator. At DMA his areas are the history and theory of media culture and media arts. He is known internationally as a pioneer of an emerging approach called media archaeology. It excavates forgotten, neglected and suppressed media-cultural phenomena, helping us to penetrate beyond canonized “grand narratives” of media culture. Professor Huhtamo pays particular attention to the “life” of topoi, or clichéd elements that emerge over and over again in media history and provide “molds” for experiences.